While others do gravel, Basso Bikes do Palta

“Palta” bicycle was the first Design project entirely developed in collaboration with Basso Bikes.
Developed starting from the study of the geometries, designing the shapes of the tubes concluding with the graphic layout.
Basso Palta - Siena Terra
Palta - Emerald Green
Basso Palta - Grape
Basso Palta - Purple Label
Basso Palta - Shadow Gray
Palta - Space Bue


Ready for any type of riding and any type of ride, the Palta takes on design elements that see it fit for all scenarios. 7 bottle cage bolts for carrying up to three water bottles increases the autonomy of the rider and increases the potential adventures he or she can take on.

the most recognizeable design element of the Palta comes in the form of the fork. Its particular shape is not only pleasing to the eye but also to the senses as the form and carbon layup confer increased handling precision and comfort.


Basso Palta - Emerald
Basso Palta
Basso Palta
Basso Palta - Space Blue

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Basso Bikes – Palta


Carlo Berry