Snowfall – Snow with transparent background

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Realistic snowfall

This snowfall mega pack contains 30 highly REALISTIC snow footage with transparent background.
All the snow footage can be mixed and used together in order to get even more complex and intense looks.
Snowflakes have been created with particellar software that simulate the snow weather conditions.

There are 5 groups based on distance of camera: very farfarnormalclosevery close.
For each group there are 6 clips with different speed: slownormalnormal no turbolencefastvery faststorm.
Each of the clip is 20 seconds long and it has alpha channel background.

Works well with all editing Programs, just Drag and Drop on your Video/Photos and mix snowfall overlay in order to obtain the desire effect.
It can make your scene come alive. It works well with your winter slideshow, Christmas greetings, holiday videos and videos songs.
All the clips are looped so you can repeat them to the long you need.
In that way you can make multiple copies of the same clip changing the timing to get more snowflakes without altering the “style” of the snowfall.

Snow_cover-1 Snowfall - Snow with transparent background

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